Redeploy Illinois Focused Statute

The Redeploy Illinois Focused Program is authorized under 730 ILCS 110/16.1(d-5):

A county or group of counties that does not have an approved Redeploy Illinois program, as described in subsection (b), and that has committed fewer than 10 Redeploy eligible youth to the Department of Juvenile Justice on average over the previous 3 years, may develop an individualized agreement with the Department of Human Services through the Redeploy Illinois program to provide services to youth to avoid commitment to the Department of Juvenile Justice. The agreement shall set forth the following:

  1. a statement of the number and type of juvenile offenders from the county who were at risk under any of the categories listed above during the 3 previous years, and an explanation of which of these offenders would be served through the proposed Redeploy Illinois program for which the funds shall be used, or through individualized contracts with existing Redeploy programs in neighboring counties;
  2. a statement of the service needs;
  3. a statement of the type of services and programs to provide for the individual needs of the juvenile offenders, and the research or evidence that qualifies those services and programs as proven or promising practices;
  4. a budget indicating the costs of each service or program to be funded under the plan;
  5. a summary of contracts and service agreements indicating the treatment goals and number of juvenile offenders to be served by each service provider; and
  6. a statement indicating that the Redeploy Illinois program will not duplicate existing services and programs. Funds for this plan shall not supplant existing county funded programs.

Effective January 1, 2016, the governor signed into a law, Public Act 99-0268, a measure that prevents juvenile misdemeanants from being committed to the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice.  Because the intent of the Redeploy Illinois program is to divert youth away from the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice and because under the Redeploy Illinois statute, Public Act 098-0060 , only those youth facing commitment to the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice are eligible for the Redeploy program.  As a direct result of this change to the Juvenile Court Act, youth charged with committing misdemeanor offenses can no longer be committed to the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice and therefore these youth are also no longer eligible for services through the Redeploy Illinois program or the Redeploy Illinois Focused program.