Redeploy Illinois Focused Funding Request

The Redeploy Illinois Focused Program funds services for youth who reside in a county that does not meet the statutory criteria for Redeploy Illinois by averaging fewer than 10 IDJJ commitments over the previous three-year period. The Redeploy Illinois Focused Program considers funding requests for individualized, community-based services for Redeploy eligible youth to avoid commitment to the Department of Juvenile Justice (IDJJ). funding requests for multiple youth will not be considered. Each funding request must be for a single youth for services to avoid commitment to the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice.

Instructions for completing and submitting the funding request:

  • Click the link above to download the document.
  • When prompted, choose the save button and indicate where you would like the file saved.
  • Open the file in Microsoft Word.
  • Enter the corresponding information into selected fields of the funding request.
  • Once the funding request has been completed, save the document to your computer.
  • Email the completed funding request to Hailey Colpitts at