Redeploy Illinois Focused Program

Building on the Success of Redeploy Illinois

Redeploy Illinois Focused builds on the success of Redeploy Illinois, recognizing the value in providing services for juveniles in communities that do not meet the statutory criteria for full Redeploy Illinois funding. The statute supports the development of a collaborative agreement between a county (or group of counties) and the Department to designate funding for individual youth at risk of commitment to DJJ. This new initiative, Redeploy Illinois Focused, allows communities to identify eligible juveniles and submit a request for funding approval based on criteria established by the Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board’s County Review Committee.

Illinois Collaboration on Youth offers the Redeploy Illinois Focused funding opportunity, on behalf of the Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board and the Department of Human Services.

Eligible applicants may develop an individualized agreement through the Redeploy Illinois Focused program to provide services to youth to avoid commitment to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Eligible applicants must be county units of government in a county that:

  1. does not have a current Redeploy Program, and
  2. has committed fewer than 10 Redeploy eligible youth to the Department of Juvenile Justice on average over the previous three years