Redeploy Illinois Focused Program

A program of the Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board

For a list of current eligible counties, click here.

It provides resources to eligible counties to provide the services to keep a youth from commitment IDJJ facilities.

Funds must be used to pay for programs and services, including but not limited to mental health, substance abuse, other treatment services, and transportation necessary for the youth to receive the services. However, services should be community-based, rather than residential.

Eligible counties apply for the RIFP funding BEFORE a youth is committed to a DJJ facility. Once a youth from an eligible county is identified, an RIFP funding request is completed and submitted to ICOY.

The funding request requires information on the youth’s demographics and strengths & challenges; a proposed service plan which includes service goals, types of clinical services, length of time for service, the support necessary for the youth to be successful, and information that the services is a proven, evidence-based, or promising practice; a list of proposed service providers, the expected outcomes; and a detailed budget outlining the estimated cost.

Two to three weeks. Illinois Collaboration on Youth (ICOY) staff will check the funding request and contact the applicant if additional information is needed. After this screening, the final funding request is shared with the Redeploy County Review Committee who will evaluate the plan, services, and estimated cost. Within one week, they will make a funding recommendation to the Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board. Once the decision is made, the county will be contacted by ICOY and the contract details finalized.

Funds for RIFP are housed at ICOY, which provides a prompt payment timeframe of under four weeks following receipt of an invoice.

Contact the following individuals:

Susie Schoenrock | Prevention and Intervention Manager – Redeploy Illinois